Air Duct Cleaning Services

When it comes to indoor air quality in your home or business, Bob’s Janitorial in Topeka or Lawrence can make a big difference in how your family or employees breathe!  Clean air ducts lower your utility bills and save money by allowing your furnace and air conditioner to work more efficiently.  Plus clean air ducts improve your indoor environment, helping to cure “Housetosis”, that stale indoor air that keeps recirculating the pollutants that build up when your home has been closed all winter or all summer.

Home and office air ducts contain dust, dust mites, fungi, bacteria, pollen, smoke residue and pet hair…all dangerous contaminants for allergy and asthma sufferers.  You might consider the addition of an electrostatic air filter to remove up to 95% of the indoor airborne dust and contaminants.

Or to get rid of smoke related odors in your air ducts, ask about our exclusive Smell Away Solutions.  We are so sure you will be satisfied with the results we GUARANTEE our service!

You may ask, “How do they actually clean my air ducts?”  First our technicians remove the register plates and insert our patented air whip and vacuum system.  Then they proceed with loosening and sweeping up the debris they find. We have a special camera that inspects the ductwork after it has been cleaned to make sure it is clear of dust and debris.  And, if cutting access holes in the ductwork is required, these openings will be repaired after the cleaning is complete; they will look and function like new.

Another one of our services, Dryer Vent Cleaning, is important to consider. First and foremost, excess lint in a dryer vent can be a major fire hazard. Cleaning your dryer vent also helps prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and eliminate mold issues. You will also realize energy savings with clean dryer vents; extend the life of your dryer; increase clothing life and save time drying.

Call Bob’s Janitorial at (785) 271.6600 in Topeka or (785) 832.8548 in Lawrence to make an appointment or receive a free estimate for either of these services.