Carpet Cleaning

Ground in grime and dirt reduces the life of every carpet. Let Bob’s IICRC trained technicians professionally clean your home or office carpets and rugs using our truck-mounted steam cleaning method, the one recommended by most carpet manufacturers. In fact, with some carpet manufacturers, their warranty is voided if this cleaning method is not used.

Bob’s IICRC trained technicians start with a professional pre-spray to break down soil and then use a chemical emulsifier that lifts out the dirt without creating suds. Our powerful truck-mounted cleaning system heats the water to 200 degrees, the maximum temperature recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Unlike rotary machines that grind the dirt and soap back into your carpets, ours leaves no residue to make it sticky and attract more dirt. Our system removes most of the water we use to clean your carpet so they dry faster – usually within 4 – 6 hours! And because our system is truck- mounted, we use our own water and electricity and never make a mess or run up your utility bills. The chemicals that Bob’s technicians use are non-toxic, colorless, odorless and safe for your family and pets.

If you live in Topeka, Lawrence or northeast Kansas and have water damaged carpets, call Bob’s Janitorial first. A flooded or stained carpet is not always ruined! Many can be restored with proper cleaning and sanitizing. Our system insures that your carpet is clean and dry so mold and bacteria won’t grow. Plus Bob’s Janitorial offers additional services including repairs, dyeing, stretching and patching your carpets.

Call Bob’s Janitorial at (785) 271.6600 in Topeka or (785) 832.8548 in Lawrence for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment to have your carpets or rugs cleaned.