Rental Make Ready

A clean rental unit helps bring in top rents and Bob’s Janitorial in Topeka and Lawrence are specialists at cleaning your rental house or apartment. Cleaning up after renters can be a daunting task for property owners and managers, but the professionals at Bob’s Janitorial are trained to get your rental unit ready for the next tenant quickly and thoroughly.

  • For kitchen cleanup, Bob’s technicians clean and disinfect the sink, faucet and hardware; the counters and cabinets, both inside and out; the refrigerator, inside and out, including the top and all the seals plus move it out from the wall to clean the floor behind it and the back of the refrigerator; the range, inside and out, including the bottom drawer and the stove hood and fan plus all the cabinet drawers, inside and out.
  • For bathroom cleanup, Bob’s technicians clean and sanitize the sinks; toilets including the bowls and outside; showers and bath area including tub, walls and surrounding tile; mirrors using non-streak glass cleaner; all faucets and plumbing hardware and all light fixtures and bulbs.
  • For the living room, dining room and bedroom areas, Bob’s technicians dust all baseboards, closet shelves, ceiling fans including the blade edges and glass fixtures and window sills and screens plus clean all window panes paying special attention to sill corners and window tracks.  They vacuum all carpeted areas including edges around baseboards and closet door tracks; wipe cobwebs from ceiling corners and vents; wipe down mini-blinds and closet doors including the tops of the doors and clean off light and electrical cover plates.
  • For hard surface areas, Bob’s technicians sweep and mop plus clean out the furnace closet and wipe down furnace closet door.

Call Bob’s Janitorial at (785) 271.6600 in Topeka or (785) 832.8548 in Lawrence for a free estimate to have your rental house or apartment complex made ready for your next tenant.