Window Cleaning

Bob’s Janitorial has added an additional cleaning service to their line-up:  Window cleaning for your home or office in Topeka and Lawrence!  Window cleaning is a hard and often dangerous job involving climbing ladders, hanging out windows and fighting streaks and smears. The professionals at Bob’s Janitorial have the training, professional cleaning products and equipment to do the job for you.

Most homes and businesses clean their windows one or two times a year, with spring being the most common choice. However, situations arise when clean windows are important, including family events like a wedding, a reunion or selling your home; or business related events such as a visit from an out-of-state owner, a VIP client or a community wide open house.

When those needs occur, get a quote from Bob’s Janitorial first! Our water fed pole operation is a 5 Stage Filtering System that uses the highest grade of water. This system removes 99.9% of total dissolved solids and expertly cleans outside windows, frames, awnings, facades and signs. And without the use of chemicals, your surfaces dry spot free even in direct sunlight.

Interior windows are cleaned with the same attention to detail. After the window glass is washed, the interior exposed surfaces of the window frames and sills are wiped with a damp chamois or sponge to prevent dirt buildup. All dirt, grease and film are cleaned from the angles of interior frames and window hardware. All traces of moisture are removed.

Call Bob’s Janitorial at (785) 271.6600 in Topeka or (785) 832.8548 in Lawrence to receive a free estimate to have the windows in your home or office building professionally cleaned.